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Google does gadgets; Blodget gets bearish

The search company revisits corporate search, BlackBerry adds Google services and a tech watcher goes negative on the stock.

The search company updates its corporate appliance and nestles into the BlackBerry. A famed Wall Street watcher, meanwhile, talks down the soaring stock.

Beefier Google Minis for corporate sites

Search giant will launch two new bigger-capacity budget appliances for searching corporate Web sites and intranets.
January 12, 2006

A surprising bear on Google

blog Former Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget blogs negative on Google's ability to generate revenue in an ad market he predicts will get leaner.
January 12, 2006

BlackBerry gets Google-ized

Research In Motion's popular mobile devices will be equipped for Google Talk messaging and Google Local searching.
January 12, 2006

Google Earth now on the Mac

blog Google releases a Mac-compatible version of its popular program.
January 11, 2006

Open-source database issues 'critical' fix

Content, interface and prices fail to impress as Google launches its video-on-demand Web site.
January 10, 2006

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Cars and stars as Google's Page takes the stage

Not to be outdone by other companies' star power, Larry Page shares keynote spotlight with Robin Williams--and a robotic car.
January 6, 2006