Google adds movie search

New feature lets people find local movie theaters, show times, other information via a PC or cell phone.

Google has added a feature that allows people to search for movies playing in their city and find other film-related information.

The new feature, announced Wednesday, is available on the company's search site and can be accessed with a computer, cell phone or other wireless devices that use SMS (short message service).

Using the service, people can type "movie:" into the Google search window and follow it with keywords to find out film titles, actors, directors and other information. Consumers also can type in local data, such as a zip code, city or state, to find theaters and show times.

The search market is witnessing intense competition, with leading players unveiling new, specialized search offerings in an effort to win market share. Google also recently unveiled a prototype of a service to search TV programming.

Google competitors Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN already have services for searching movie listings and related information.