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GoDaddy goes against SOPA

week in review Domain registrar completes about-face, while Verizon readies online payment charge. Also: New iPads in January? Not likely.

week in review The "Dump GoDaddy Day" message registered with the domain registrar.

GoDaddy, targeted by online activists in response to its enthusiasm for a pair of Hollywood-backed copyright bills, finally denounced the legislation in response to a scheduled boycott. Warren Adelman, the company's chief executive, said that "GoDaddy opposes SOPA," short for the Stop Online Piracy Act, which is facing a House of Representatives committee vote next month.

The idea of boycotting GoDaddy began with a protest thread on Reddit and was aided by Jimmy Wales' announcement last week that "Wikipedia domain names will move away from GoDaddy." It inspired, which urged Internet users and companies to "boycott GoDaddy until they send a letter to Congress taking back any and all support of the House and Senate versions of the Internet censorship bill, both SOPA and PIPA."
•  Go Daddy gets name off SOPA supporters list
•  GoDaddy accused of interfering with anti-SOPA exodus

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Verizon Wireless: Yep, that'll be $2 to pay your bill online

Company confirms that it will soon begin charging customers a $2 fee to process payments made online or by phone. But the company also offers ways to avoid the fee.
•  Verizon fixes latest network outage
•  Verizon's network suffers third outage this month

Apple tripling its iPad lineup in January? Not so fast

Reports that Apple plans to release two new iPad models to join the iPad 2 next month are receiving a lashing around the Web.
•  Two new iPads due next month, report says

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd loses appeal to keep letter sealed

Hurd, now president of Oracle, loses an appeal in court this week that would keep the letter accusing him of sexual harassment confidential.
•  Here's the letter Mark Hurd didn't want you to see

Secret subpoena aimed at Twitter user not so secret anymore

Massachusetts authorities subpoenaed Twitter for information on an Occupy Wall Street figure but ran afoul of Twitter's own privacy policy.
•  Who owns your Twitter account? Check out this lawsuit

Apple iOS Christmas activations likely beat Android by 1.6 million

At least 4.2 million iOS devices were activated on Christmas compared with about 2.6 million Android devices, according to rough calculations put together by Fortune.
•  Android device activations hit 3.7 million on Christmas weekend
•  Android, iOS activations hit record on Christmas. Again

Google, Facebook top Internet destinations in 2011

Search edges social networking for Web users this year, according to data from market researcher Nielsen.
•  Samsung still dominates mobile phone market, but Apple is gaining
•  U.S. online holiday spending hits $35.3 billion

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•  New York Times mistakenly e-mails millions about subscriptions
•  Windows Phone Marketplace hits 50,000-app mark
•  U.S. takes bite out of Oracle's Google lawsuit