Glitches strike major Web sites

The recurrence of problems at eBay points to the fragility of the hardware and software that run sensitive e-commerce and infrastructure systems.

CNET News staff
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The recurrence of problems at eBay, one of the Internet's busiest sites, points to the fragility of hardware and software that run some Web sites. Yesterday, free email service Hotmail experienced problems and users of Excite@Home have complained they're not getting the speed they pay for.

"[These companies] are cursed by their own success. I don't think you'll ever stop seeing these things happening ?"

- Cormic Foster, Jupiter Communications analyst


Outages plague eBay again
Following a five-hour outage this morning, technically troubled eBay's bidding system is running again, but not without glitches.

Hotmail hit by new round of problems
Hotmail reaches 40 million members, but service hasn't been up to snuff of late. Some users claim to have been shut out for four days.

Excite@Home speed caps draw fire, prompt new plans
Users complain about the Net-over-cable company's new upload bandwidth cap, saying they are not getting the same service they were promised, as the company considers a faster service for a premium.