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Getting jittery over Google

Last-minute problems throw up speculation that the long-awaited public offering could be delayed. Plus: growing competion and "Google hacking."

As the search king's long-awaited public offering draws near, things aren't all sweetness and light--throwing up speculation that the launch might be delayed. Investors are antsy, the competition is growing--and then there's "Google hacking."

Google IPO no longer a sure thing?

Search engine grapples with last-minute problems, from SEC missteps to investor cold feet.
August 5, 2004

Google may have issued shares illegally

update Company offers to buy back millions of shares it doled out to employees and consultants.
August 5, 2004

New search tool gets billionaire's backing

Texas-based start-up IceRocket looks to edge in on Google's territory. A little money from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban won't hurt.
August 4, 2004

Major Web sites hit with suit over gambling ads

Google, Yahoo and others violate California's ban on advertising and promoting illegal Internet gambling sites, lawsuit says.
August 3, 2004

Google queries provide stolen credit cards

The ubiquitous search engine makes it easy to find unprotected personal information, CNET News.com has learned.
August 3, 2004

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Google, others at risk of click fraud

Companies under scrutiny as advertisers grow concerned about phony clicks.
July 19, 2004