General Magic links handhelds to Web

General Magic will give Sony and Motorola handheld computers two new applications.

CNET News staff
General Magic, maker of the Magic Cap operating system for handheld computers, will demonstrate two Internet applications for handhelds this week at PC Expo.

PrestoMail, an email client for sending and receiving messages, and PrestoLinks, a Web browser, are both designed to run on the Sony MagicLink PIC 2000 and the Motorola Envoy 150 wireless communicator. Both programs are due to ship by the end of the month and require a minimum of 2MB of RAM.

The PrestoLinks Web browser, originally developed by Active Paper in conjunction with General Magic, uses standard Internet protocols and even supports tables, but can't cache numerous pages.

Final pricing has not been set, but the products will be packaged together in a bundle costing between $49 to $79, according to a General Magic spokesperson.