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Gates: 'There's nothing monolithic about chaos'

Microsoft chairman comments on "chaos" in the open-source community.

Ina Fried Former Staff writer, CNET News
During her years at CNET News, Ina Fried changed beats several times, changed genders once, and covered both of the Pirates of Silicon Valley.
Ina Fried

In an interview Monday night with CNET News.com, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates responded to a question about potential open-source partnerships by commenting on the relative chaos and variety of players and products in that community.

"There's nothing monolithic about chaos. There is more variety of everything," he said. "There are some of those players that are looking at commercial-type revenues. We'll certainly spend time with those people to see what we have in common and what we can do for customers together. I wouldn't say that there is some big new development." Click here for the full interview.