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GameCase unveiled as the first iOS 7 game controller

Following news that Apple would support Bluetooth game controllers with iOS 7, ClamCase gives the first concrete look at the future of iOS gaming.

Nick Statt Former Staff Reporter / News
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Nick Statt
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In the run-up to the release of iOS 7, which hit iPhones and iPads Wednesday morning, speculation ran high on what the rumored MFi, or made-for-iOS, game controllers were going to look like. Now, we're getting our first glimpse of one, GameCase, and it's quite promising.

The debate was whether or not established controller makers like Logitech and PowerA, both of which have confirmed iOS controllers in the pipeline, were going to create independent controllers with screen-attachments or devices for the iPhone and iPad to slide into. GameCase-maker ClamCase -- manufacturers of a line of iPad keyboards -- has apparently gone with the latter approach, which looks more and more like the only way to design the optimized iOS controller.

The Bluetooth device, which will allegedly have its own battery supply, has dual analog stick support, a directional pad, and four buttons situated below what looks like an on/off switch. On the back, the controller sports an impressive set of dual bumpers and triggers above rubberized grips for a controller layout that seems surprisingly capable when compared with the home console offerings of Microsoft and Sony.


The company also has nodes on its Web site for the iPhone 4S and later, though no concrete designs have yet been made available. The current images appear to be a controller designed for the iPad mini.

There's also no word on when it will hit the market as the company has only a "notify me" button on its Web site for receiving updates. But judging from its concept, we can expect the GameCase to make a significant splash on the mobile gaming scene when it is released, especially if it beats companies like Logitech to the table.

Check out ClamCase's accompanying video for the GameCase below: