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FutureTense adds Texture

FutureTense will preview version 1.1 of its Web publishing tool Texture, allowing Webmasters to create layouts that automatically pull in HTML files and graphics.

FutureTense will preview version 1.1 of its Web publishing tool Texture at the Seybold San Francisco show next week.

Texture 1.1 consists of a Designer tool and a Viewer applet written in Java. Designer allows Webmasters to create a layout "container," or framework of a page that pulls in HTML files and elements such as graphics and fonts. The container automatically adjusts the page layout whenever an underlying HTML file is updated.

Texture 1.1 will incorporate the following design features:

--Hyphenation and justification of text across multiple columns;
--Support for hyperlinks already existing in imported text;
--Font compression;
--The ability to add static text directly into the page layout, instead of linking it via a separate HTML file.

The Texture Viewer is a free download and is necessary to read documents created with the Designer. The Viewer works with any Java-compatible browser. Users can either install it on the desktop or wait until they view a Texture document, at which point the Viewer will automatically download and self-install.

Texture documents will not print, however, from Viewers that have self-installed. Furthermore, users of Netscape's Navigator will need to download the Viewer themselves to get the Web designer's intended font display. With Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0, fonts in the Texture Viewer are always WYSIWYG.

The company will be demonstrating beta versions of Texture 1.1 for Macintosh, Windows 95, and NT at the conference, with plans to ship in the fourth quarter. Street price for Designer will be approximately $500, the company said. Viewer will be available free of charge.