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Free GarageBand for iOS, plus iLife, iWork changes leak briefly

Updates for Apple's work and play software for iOS briefly appeared on the company's Web site over the weekend, just ahead of Apple's special event.

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Hints at what Apple has up its sleeve briefly appeared online Sunday, two days before the company's set to hold its news event in San Francisco.

An information page detailing software Apple includes with its iPhone 5S showed off an updated look for the icons of Apple's iLife and iWork -- something that cropped up earlier this week -- along with a note that Apple's making GarageBand for iOS free. The information was removed shortly after its discovery.

GarageBand was initially left out of the list of iLife apps for iOS that Apple said it would begin to give away to new iOS device buyers last month. The software currently costs $4.99, and comes as a self-contained app with nothing else to buy. New language that has since been removed from Apple's site noted that more instruments and sounds would be made available as in-app purchases, presumably as part of an update that will be shown off during Tuesday's presentation.

Along with the GarageBand tweaks, new icons and descriptions for Apple's iWork apps -- Pages, Numbers and Keynote -- cropped up as well.

The software updates are one of several things expected this Tuesday, alongside new iPads and Macs. You can go here for CNET's full list of what we're anticipating, and click the banner below for details on how to tune in to our live coverage.