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Four Pentium Pros in NEC servers

NEC Computer Systems introduces a line of four-processor-capable Pentium Pro processor-based servers.

NEC Computer Systems, a division of Packard Bell NEC, has introduced a line of four-processor-capable Pentium Pro processor-based servers.

The NEC ProServa HX uses up to four 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors. The systems also offer RAID hardware as a standard feature at no additional cost, the company said.

The NEC ProServa HX base system comes standard with two 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with 512K of level-2 cache. An optional CPU board is available for upgrading to a four-processor system. The servers can support up to 2GB of high-quality ECC memory.

The server has 10 expansion slots for add-in circuit boards such as network cards. Two PCI buses support six of the expansion slots with 132MB-per-second bandwidth for each bus; four EISA bus expansion slots are also included.

There are 12 hot-swappable bays that allow users to instantly take out and replace hard disk drives. The systems support more than 100GB of total storage.

The 12 bays are split into dual 6-bay sections, each one driven by a separate channel on the high-performance Ultra RAID controller to increase performance, the company said. The system also contains two fast/wide Ultra SCSI controllers.

The ProServa HX comes with two standard 420-watt power supplies. If a third optional unit is added, the system will continue to function at full power if one fails. The power supplies are hot-pluggable, ensuring minimal downtime during replacement.

The ProServa HX come with NEC's Enterprise Server Management, which lowers the cost of ownership in corporate client-server environments by allowing system managers to manage, configure, and troubleshoot hardware components on the network.

The NEC servers are certified to run under Microsoft Windows NT and Novell NetWare.

The NEC ProServa HX will begin shipping in April, with a dual-processor system with 128MB of ECC memory and Ultra RAID beginning for under an estimated $15,000.