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For AMD, the chips just keep on coming

The chipmaker trots out a 1.2GHz Duron processor, which comes closely after the 1.1GHz Duron launched last month. Its release is the second low-priced debut this week.

Advanced Micro Devices trotted out a new 1.2GHz Duron processor Thursday, its second low-priced debut of the week.

The chip is AMD's latest processor option for low-price desktop PCs. It comes closely after the company's 1.1GHz Duron, which launched Oct. 1.

The 1.2GHz Duron matches rival Intel's recently introduced 1.2GHz Celeron in clock speed. However, AMD says its chip's performance outpaces both the 1.2GHz Celeron and certain low-end Intel Pentium 4 chips, when paired with DDR SDRAM (double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM) in a PC.

Current new desktop Duron products from major PC makers are scarce, likely because companies like Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard are juggling their product lineups. But AMD says the new chip will be available from brand-name PC makers by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, it can be purchased through resellers or found at a number of smaller PC makers.

AMD lists the new 1.2GHz Duron at $103, the same introductory price of its 1.1GHz Duron before an Oct. 29 round of price cuts moved that chip's list price to $89.

Earlier this week, AMD announced a new mobile Duron chip for notebook PCs, running at 950MHz. That chip is available from Compaq, along with a 1.2GHz mobile Athlon 4 processor announced the same day.