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Delta app tracks luggage using RFID tech

Travelers can use the updated Fly Delta app to pinpoint the location of checked-in luggage and follow its journey within an airport and from one plane to another.

With Wi-Fi onboard, now you can use the Fly Delta app to find out if your checked bag is flying with you.

You're in transit at an airport and wonder where your luggage is? Now, if you fly Delta, you get a map of its whereabouts.

The carrier on Monday announced a major update to its Fly Delta app. Among other things, the update now allows passengers track a piece of checked-in luggage and its journey through the airport and from one plane to another. Users can zoom in and out to locate a bag's location and use pins to track its journey. Tapping on a pin even displays additional information about the location of the bag.

According to Delta, the new map enhancement is built on its "industry-first, system-wide launch of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) bag tags and the roll out of RFID tracking technology at 84 airports in the U.S." This means all domestic stations now offer a map view of bags' journey.

International airports will receive the RFID tech soon, the company said, adding that push notifications will work with the app later this year to offer customers down-to-the-minute updates on their checked baggage.

The update also improves other functions of the app, including a more user-friendly experience if you use the app to purchase ticket, the company said.