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First Panasonic 4K TV leaked, will support HDMI 2.0

An apparently inadvertent posting on Panasonic's US Web site reveals the company's first TV with 4K resolution, likely to be officially announced later today.

A screenshot from Google cache showing Panasonic.com's listing for a 4K TV. The page has since been pulled.

Update: Panasonic has officially announced this product. See our full First Take for updated information.

It appears Panasonic will soon announce its first 4K TV at the IFA show in Berlin.

As reported by HDTVtest, Panasonic's US Web site has apparently leaked the company's first 4K TV ahead of the company's press event.

The information was spotted by a member of enthusiast Web site AVForums.com. Per the page at Google cache, since removed, the TV's model number is TC-L65WT600.

It will be compliant with HDMI 2.0, making it the first such TV we've heard about. The biggest advantage of the new spec, at least as far as 4K TVs and sources are concerned, will be the ability to handle 4K video at 60 frames per second, surpassing the current limit of 30.

The leaked page shows a THX-certified, 65-inch LED-based LCD TV, and otherwise looks very similar to the WT60 series 1080p model.

We expect official confirmation, along with pricing, at Panasonic's press conference, beginning shortly in Berlin (9 a.m. ET in the US). Stay tuned to CNET's IFA page for more.