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Firm says hardware clears ISDN hurdles

A hardware firm says it has the first product that works with improved ISDN standards.

Advanced Computer Communications today started promoting what it says is the first ISDN product that complies with new standards intended to relieve the headaches of ordering the all-digital phone and data lines.

ACC's CongoVoice router is a modem-like piece of hardware that connects a PC with an Integrated Services Digital Network line. The boxes, commonly known as terminal adapters, now comply with the EZ-ISDN 1 specifications, one of four ISDN specifications recently approved by the North American ISDN Users' Forum.

Instead of having to coordinate installation details separately with a phone company, hardware firm, and Internet service provider, a user with a terminal adapter that complies with any of the four specifications simply tells the phone company which standard it supports so that telco can activate all the appropriate functions.

The company is selling several EZ-ISDN 1 compliant versions, all called CongoVoice routers, that range from $995 to $1,495.

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