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Firefox in the hunt for dollars, downloads

With Firefox 1.0 release a week away, Mozilla Foundation outdoes fundraising expectations. Can its software do as well?

With the release of Firefox 1.0 just a week away, the Mozilla Foundation outdoes its fundraising expectations. Can it do as well with the software itself?

Study: Firefox still gaining on Internet Explorer

Alternative Web browsers Mozilla and Firefox experienced another month of growth at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
November 1, 2004

Firefox donations hit $250,000

Mozilla Foundation taps enthusiastic support for its open-source browser in a 10-day fund-raising campaign.
November 1, 2004

Amazon's A9 toolbar now available for Firefox

A9.com, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, said customers asked for a version of the toolbar that could work with the open-source browser.
November 1, 2004

Firefox nears final launch

The much-anticipated open-source browser reaches a major development milestone, as an official test version debuts.
October 28, 2004

Firefox aims for 10 percent of Web surfers

Increasing rate of downloads means the open-source browser will set the world on fire, according to the Mozilla Foundation.
October 25, 2004

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