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Firefighters get fire at Tesla factory in California under control

News video showed smoke coming from a building that appeared to be under construction.

The Tesla factory in Fremont, California.
James Martin/CNET

Firefighters on Thursday responded to a fire at a Tesla factory in Fremont, California. Live video captured by a local news helicopter showed white smoke coming from the roof of a building that was under construction. It reportedly burned itself out and the site wasn't evacuated.

The fire broke out around 4:30 p.m. PT, caused by a combination of molten aluminum and hydraulic fluid, a spokesperson for the Fremont Fire Department said. The fire was described as "deep-seated" and restricted to a vehicle manufacturing stamping machine.

There were no reports of injuries to Tesla employees or firefighters.

Tesla's Model 3 is produced at the factory, but the company idled Model 3 production late last month without providing information on why the lines stopped. Production was expected to resume on March 7, but it's not clear if that happened.

A small fire at the same facility in 2018 broke out on a cardboard pile close to the factory test track and then spread to an outside structure. That fire was quickly extinguished by firefighters.

Tesla didn't respond to a request for comment, however the company dissolved its public relations department last year.

CNET's Sean Keane contributed to this report.