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Fine-tuning open source

As the Linux community ponders proprietary components, is Larry Ellison after his own version of the operating system?

The Linux community is examining its own proprietary components while the industry speculates on Oracle using the OS to go after Microsoft.

New Linux look fuels old debate

The use of closed-source software to give Linux slick graphics is keeping a thorny legal and philosophical dispute alive.
April 17, 2006

blog What the blogging community has to say about Larry Ellison using Linux to take on Microsoft in the operating system arena.
April 17, 2006

MySQL to get 'solid' transactions

High-end database company Solid Information Technology will make open-source transaction engine for MySQL.
April 16, 2007

VMware-friendly change likely for Linux

Linux programmers are moving toward a change that would put virtualization software from VMware on a more even footing with open-source rival Xen.
April 13, 2006

Leaner virtualization coming to Windows, Linux

A newer variety employs a lighter-weight approach so a single operating system can be sliced into independent sections.
April 13, 2006

The business of Linux in China

newsmaker Ingrid Marson of ZDNet U.K. speaks with two major Chinese vendors about the future of Linux in China.
April 12, 2006

Red Hat and JBoss: No turning back for open source

Red Hat's acquisition of JBoss accelerates the collision between open-source software and practices and entrenched business software providers.
April 10, 2006