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File-sharing furor for Comcast

The ISP finds itself at the center of a controversy over the handling of file-sharing traffic.

The ISP finds itself at the center of a controversy over the handling of file-sharing traffic.

Senators want probe of Comcast's BitTorrent 'discrimination'

Proponents of Net neutrality laws call for a hearing, saying reports of peer-to-peer traffic interference support need for new rules.
October 26, 2007

Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent

Rep. Rick Boucher becomes the first U.S. politician to take a public stance against reported blocking of file-sharing applications.
October 25, 2007

Comcast, Verizon troubles illustrate P2P software opportunity

ISPs have to walk a fine line between fairness and profitability. Users are entitled to honest contracts. Maybe there's a way to help everyone.
October 25, 2007

Lawsuits ahead over BitTorrent filtering?

Lawyers are already circling, and Comcast could be looking at a world of pain, says CNET Blog Network writer Chris Soghoian.
October 23, 2007

In response to news report, Comcast says bandwidth management technologies may slow a peer-to-peer service.
October 22, 2007

Comcast really does block BitTorrent traffic after all

News tests show Comcast takes aggressive filtering steps that AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision do not.
October 19, 2007

related news

Verizon Wireless drops 'open access' challenge

Company withdraws appeal of FCC rules requiring portion of wireless spectrum at upcoming auction to be open to any wireless devices, apps.
October 24, 2007

BitTorrent names a new CEO

Doug Walker, the former CEO at Alias Systems, is named to replace Bram Cohen.
October 17, 2007