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FBI vows to combat Net terrorism

Attorney general Janet Reno says law enforcement will seek out and stop attacks on the Web. Recent victims include online trading sites E*Trade and Datek.


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Attorney general Janet Reno pledges that law enforcement will do all it can to stem a stream of cyberattacks on leading Web sites. Recent victims include online trading sites E*Trade and Datek. Internet bellwether Yahoo was the first to be hit.

"We are committed in every way possible to tracking down those who are responsible."

- U.S. attorney general Janet Reno


FBI, others to fight Web attacks
Attorney General Janet Reno promises that federal law enforcement authorities will do all in their power to track down the hackers that are crippling top Web sites.

List of sites under attack grows
update E-commerce giants eBay, and, along with Yahoo, news site, online trading sites E*Trade and Datek, and technology information provider ZDNet report similar attacks on their sites.

Attack knocks out
update says a "denial of service" attack virtually shut down the site for nearly three hours, one day after Yahoo was struck.

New assault weapons pose Web threat
A combination of new technologies and the rising stakes of online business may help explain this week's rash of outages at some of the Web's largest companies.

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How a basic attack crippled Yahoo
The assault highlights a simple technique that can cripple a large, relatively well-prepared Internet company.

Outage a deliberate attack, Yahoo says
update A three-hour outage on Yahoo is the result of a malicious attack intentionally aimed at disabling the service, according to company executives.