Fax it to my PC

A new server application from Mitek lets small businesses route faxes directly to desktops.

A new application from Mitek Systems lets small businesses with heavy fax traffic route faxes directly to desktops.

FaxShare 3.0 resides on servers and uses a local area network to send and receive faxes. The application is designed to run on a Windows NT or a Windows 95 server.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software in the server is used to read recipient names off incoming faxes for automated routing to the recipient, according to Mitek. The company claims the ICR system can even decipher misspelled or handwritten names on fax cover pages.

The fax is routed through any of several email systems, such as Lotus Notes, CC: Mail, Microsoft Exchange or Mail, Novell MHS, or through a FaxShare routing module included with the fax server.

Outgoing faxes can be sent from Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, and DOS applications. Features for fax recipients include an online phonebook, fax preview, cover pages, fax forwarding, fax broadcasting, scheduled transmissions, and activity logging.

At $495 for a starter system with support for five users and two fax lines, the server is priced to compete with regular, standalone fax machines on cost. Users will also need a computer to run the server software and at least one fax card for that machine.

A single server can support up to 24 fax lines; the server can be used either with intelligent fax boards or with some modems.

FaxShare 3.0 is available immediately, and a 30-day demonstration copy can be downloaded from Mitek's Web site.