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Oculus collaborates with South Korea to find new VR talent

10 promising startups dabbling in VR and AR will get picked by the Facebook-backed company and South Korea's government for a 10-week program.

Josh Miller/CNET

Oculus already swiped Hugo Barra from China's Xiaomi, and now the Facebook-backed VR company has its sight set on South Korea.

On Tuesday, the company announced a partnership with the South Korean government to help VR and AR startups gain a foothold in the global market, The Korea Herald reports. This partnership is the first of its kind by Facebook's Oculus.

Oculus, which last year released its Rift VR headset, is just one of several Silicon Valley companies scoping out new talent throughout Asia. Apple, for instance, opened an "App Accelerator" in India over the weekend to help software developers and startups in the country.

Oculus will collaborate with two institutions managed by South Korea's Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning to identify 10 VR and AR startups and pair them with its engineers, who will help mentor R&D and business models.

The program is set to run for 10 weeks from May to July, at the end of which the startups could have a chance to become an official Facebook partner. While the focus is trained on VR and AR, Facebook said it will offer access to its machine learning technology at a later date, reports ZDNet.

Facebook was reached for comment but did not immediately respond.

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