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Facebook's monster quarter is legit (The 3:59, Ep. 173)

We talk about Facebook's strong financials. Also: Alexa's future capabilities, and how activists are helping people with disabilities protest.


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There are few companies as dominant as Facebook.

After all, how many firms can drum up nearly 2 billion regular users?

We break down Facebook's earnings but note that not everything is so rosy. Like every other media company, the world's largest social network is trying to figure out how to show you ads on your phone without annoying you. That's tough given the limited real estate.

We also talk about Amazon's hackathon to create new features for its Alexa digital assistant, and how that might mean an end to ditching class.

Lastly, we discuss the role social media (like Facebook, duh) plays in helping the disability community physically show up at protests. That's a big deal, since it's traditionally been tough for people with disabilities to attend these events.

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So how much time do YOU spend on Facebook? (The 3:59, Ep. 173)


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