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Face time with Facebook (week in review)

Facebook launches video chat, while Verizon revises data plans. Also: Hacking scandal downs newspaper.

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Facebook and Skype have inked a deal to put you in a virtual face-to-face conversation.

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week his company was planning to launch "something awesome," the social-networking giant and Internet phone giant announced that video chatting had been built into Facebook's chat platform. Users need only click the video call button at the top of their chat window in order to start communicating over video--once the call recipient accepts the video request. Facebook also showed off a new group-chat feature, allowing users to have a conversation with multiple people at the same time.

As Google grows ever more powerful in techdom, and Microsoft's influence slips, the Redmond software giant is building closer and closer ties to Facebook. The Facebook-Skype deal today is more evidence that Microsoft and Facebook are in lockstep as they fight their mutual foe, Google. And it comes even while Microsoft awaits regulatory approval to conclude its Skype acquisition.
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Verizon confirms tiered data plans and hot-spot charge

The carrier bids farewell to unlimited data plans this week and says hello to usage-based options. Verizon also is adding a charge to use its mobile hot-spot feature.
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Google doubling Google+ population

Google+ systems are working well, so the company is expanding the social network's population. Corporate accounts, though, will have to wait until later this year.
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Apple loses bid for injunction against Amazon

Federal judge denies Apple's request to immediately stop Amazon from using the term "Appstore" to describe its digital downloads storefront.
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British tabloid to shutter in wake of phone hacking scandal

News of the World to shut down amid allegations that the cell phones of a murder victim and others were hacked.
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Top ISPs agree to become copyright cops

As first reported by CNET, some of the country's largest Internet service providers have agreed to step up copyright enforcement on behalf of content owners.
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Visa, MasterCard appear to have lifted WikiLeaks ban

WikiLeaks' financial blockade appears to have been lifted, at least temporarily, according to Iceland-based payment processor DataCell.
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Anonymous, LulzSec spawn 'one of worst' quarters

With a slew of security breaches and cyberattacks, the second quarter was "one of the worst on record" for security, says a new report from Panda.
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Amazon offers unlimited Cloud music storage

Customers who pay for a storage plan will receive unlimited space for their MP3 and AAC music files. Also: Amazon brings the Cloud to iPad.
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Games reign as most popular mobile apps

Games are tops among 64 percent of those surveyed by Nielsen, which also found that 93 percent of app downloaders are willing to pay for the games they play--the highest of any category.
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