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Everything Samsung just announced at its Developer Conference

Samsung announced a range of new devices at its Developer Conference today. Check out this list of everything announced at the keynote.

James Martin/CNET

Samsung kicked off its developer conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco this morning, with plenty of announcements about the Artik chips, its mobile payment system Samsung Pay, Samsung Connect Auto, and the Gear 360.

Here's what we heard about today:

  • Samsung boasted about its growing popularity to convince developers to tweak their apps for the Samsung hardware ecosystem.
  • In addition to making payments on nearly any credit card swiper (no NFC necessary), Samsung Pay now lets compatible Galaxy smartphones withdraw cash from most ATMs -- if you live in Korea.
  • Samsung showed off several reference designs of smart devices for the home that the company hopes will inspire companies to use its Artik line of chips.
  • The company debuted the Artik Cloud service that enables companies to launch Internet of Things products and services.
  • The Artik system will help manufacturers add security against hackers using a unique digital identity.
  • Sound Camp is a music creation app that boasts zero sound lag for compatible Android devices.
  • The Samsung Connect Auto platform includes a dongle that brings smart features to old vehicles. The private beta for developers will be available in the next few months with a public beta to follow.
  • The Gear 360 camera will go on sale April 29 in select countries, but the company didn't mention an official price.
  • The Milk VR platform will now allow you to upload 360 videos through the Android app or
  • Additionally, as of earlier this month, users can now use the Milk VR Android app without the Gear VR goggles.