Escort Entourage tracks your car on the Web

Escort shows off it's Entourage PS and CIS, two devices that let you GPS track your car with a Web app.

Antuan Goodwin
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Escort Entourage PS
The Entourage PS won't tell you where to go, but it'll let you know where your car's been. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Escort, a name typically associated with high-end radar detectors, showcased a pair of security solutions for car at CES 2010. The Entourage PS and CIS are GPS tracking devices that allow users to keep tabs on their wheels from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The Entourage PS is a portable device that can be tossed in the glove compartment or in the trunk for simple, no-install tracking. The PS charges at home or via your car's 12-volt power outlet and can continuously broadcast its location for up to 10 days thanks to an internal battery. The PS utilizes a reflective GPS antenna, so it doesn't require a view of the sky for positioning accuracy within 5 feet. Because of its portable nature, the PS can also be transported from vehicle to vehicle.

Entourage CIS
The Entourage CIS requires an installation, but its multiple user tracking is very cool. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

On the other hand, the Entourage CIS requires a simple two-wire installation and monitors a single vehicle. The unit can be bolted into place and hidden anywhere in the vehicle. The unit also features a three-day backup battery, so it can keep tracking even if your car's battery dies or if its power is cut. While the CIS loses the advantage of portability, it gains another slightly cooler ability: it's activated by proximity to an RFID key fob. So when the users gets out of the car, the GPS security system is automatically activated. When the user returns, the system disarms. If the vehicle moves while the system is activated, the user is sent a notification via SMS or e-mail.

Additional key fobs can be purchased and linked with the Entourage CIS over the Web, so that individual users can be tracked and monitored. For example, parents can track their teen drivers individually online and can opt to receive driving report cards that notify them when the speed limit has been exceeded or if curfew has been broken.

BlacklineGPS Web tracking for Entourage CIS and PS
Users can privately track their vehicles with detailed online maps and user data. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Both of the Entourage models are powered by position tracking by Blackline GPS and require a $30 activation fee and a monthly service subscription of $15 per month (or $179 per year with no activation fee). Subscribed users can monitor and control their Entourage over the Internet via a map-based Web site. The units can also be tracked on supported mobile phones via the Web app.

The Escort Entourage PS and CIS retail for $349 and $399, respectively. Additional, CIS key fobs can also be purchased for $59 each.