Embedded Linux company boasts 1-second boot

MontaVista demonstrates a vehicle dashboard system going from cold boot to "fully operational" in one second. The time may not translate into a desktop OS, though.

Victoria Ho Special to CNET News

The race to faster boot times is on.

MontaVista, an embedded Linux company based in Santa Clara, Calif., said Tuesday its latest system is able to boot in one second and released a video that shows a vehicle dashboard system going from cold boot into a "fully operational" state in that time.

The one-second timing may not be directly translatable to a desktop Linux OS environment, however, because booting a full-fledged OS requires additional drivers and processes to be launched.

Intel's Netbook Linux OS, Moblin, is also eyeing fast boot times. The chipmaker recently partnered with Phoenix Technologies, which produces a fast-boot technology called HyperSpace, promising to bring the technology to the Moblin project.

The software consists of a stripped down Linux environment with a browser and Wi-Fi software, meant to go from bootup to the Web quickly.

According to reports, Moblin integrating HyperSpace should be able to go from off to the Web in less than 10 seconds.

Competitor Canonical has also said its latest release Ubuntu 9.04 is focused on booting faster.

Victoria Ho of ZDNet Asia reported from Singapore.