Email worm strikes systems

Worm.ExploreZip or Troj_Explore.Zip, an email worm wreaking havoc on email systems nationwide and under investigation by the FBI, is the sequel to the Melissa virus, some say.

CNET News staff
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It seemed the furor over the Melissa virus had just died down when a virulent email worm, Worm.ExploreZip or Troj_Explore.Zip, began wreaking havoc on email systems nationwide.

"Because of the destructive payload delivered by this virus, its potential impact is significant."

- Michael Vatis, director, National Infrastructure Protection Center


Data virus forces email shutdowns
update Corporations are scrambling to cope with the new data-destroying Worm.ExploreZip worm that is forcing the shutdown of email systems nationwide.

FBI investigating email worm
update In the wake of the attack by the virulent Worm.ExploreZip virus, the FBI said it is investigating the case as a possible crime.

How the email worm works
The Worm.ExploreZip virus, while different in some ways from the Melissa virus, takes advantage of a similar vulnerability: The fact that so many people now routinely use email.