Elon Musk's Tesla solar power installed in storm-hit Puerto Rico

A month after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans are still living without power.

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Elon Musk 's Tesla has installed solar panels and batteries at a children's hospital in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico .

Since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria over a month ago, most residents, businesses, schools and hospitals are still without power or relying on generators. 

Private outfits such as Tesla, Amazon and Google parent company Alphabet have attempted to make up the shortfall in government aid. Their projects have included the installation of solar batteries, supply deliveries and Project Loon Internet-equipped balloons providing communications.

Watch this: Project Loon headed to help Puerto Rico

Tesla's Powerwall solar panels and Powerpack energy storage batteries are designed to capture energy when it's sunny and store it for use when the sun disappears.

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