Ellison sings Jobs's praises

The Oracle CEO criticizes reports about the interim Apple chief and says he has not been part of the interview process for the top spot at Apple.

REDWOOD SHORES, California--Oracle chief executive and Apple Computer board member Larry Ellison today criticized recent press reports concerning interim CEO Steve Jobs and said he had not been a part of any interviews recently for the top position at the computer maker.

Apple announced its second straight profitable quarter today under the guidance of Jobs. Ellison, speaking at Oracle headquarters during an industry event, said Jobs continues to wrestle with his love of Apple and his desire to pursue other interests, such as running Pixar Animation Studios.

"Steve really doesn't want to stay, but he loves Apple," Ellison noted.

In response to a question concerning the state of the search for a chief executive at Apple, Ellison said: "I'm not looking too hard."

Ellison showed support for Jobs in statements made in January at a financial conference.

Ellison also characterized a recent report in the Wall Street Journal as "an outrage." The report was critical of Jobs's management style, among other things. Ellison and Jobs are known to be close friends.

"He's taken a company that was headed for disaster and made it profitable overnight," he said. "Just look at the facts."