Edifying access to HR

Edify joins the crush of software companies helping employees help themselves to personnel information.

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Edify (EDFY) today joined the crush of software companies helping employees help themselves to corporate human resources information.

The Santa Clara, California-based company today introduced the Edify Employee Service System, a human resources application suite designed to let employees access their own company information off internal networks.

The tools give individual employees access to materials such as corporate policies, news, and directories, as well as personal data like pay records, accrued time off, and benefit statements that are stored in databases and deployed behind firewalls on corporate intranets.

With the advent of intranets and rapidly evolving Internet software, self-service applications for deploying HR information have been popular this year. PeopleSoft launched its own version of the software as part of its PeopleSoft 6 suite last month. German applications giant SAP plans to ship Java applet-based HR applications this month, and Geac Computer, the Canadian company that acquired D&B Software this fall, plans to launch its own HR applications in the first quarter of next year.

Edify's product will feature "multiple access options," meaning that employees can access the information through Web browsers, email, fax, company kiosks, and the telephone, the company said. It also sells a visual customization tool for integrating the HR applications with a variety of back-office software.

Pricing will start at $40,000 for the base Employee Service System software, plus an additional $25,000 per module for the optional application and integration modules. The company said mid-sized companies can expect to pay about $200,000 for the system software, an integration module, and two applications modules, plus the cost of integrating the system.