Ecco gets a facelift

NetManage releases Ecco Pro 4.0, the latest upgrade to the company's workgroup information management system.

NetManage (NETM) today released Ecco Pro 4.0, the software maker's latest upgrade of its workgroup information management system.

The company has enhanced Ecco's user interface, adding OLE capability to let users drag and drop Microsoft Word and Excel as well as Netscape Navigator. The tool lets users exchange data using a variety of applications without leaving the active program.

The time-management, contact, project, workgroup sharing, and scheduling tool provides data transfer and synchronization for use with laptop PCs. Other mobile features include interfaces for the U.S. Robotics' Pilot line of handheld organizers and Timex Data Link watches, so that users can transfer to-do lists and appointment schedules from their PCs to their wrists.

Its "Go Intranet" button gives users access to the tool's Internet address book, the Internet, or corporate intranets. Online features also let users perform group scheduling, surf the Web, and check email. The tool supports SMTP, MAPI, and VIM messaging protocols and works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and cc:Mail, as well as NetManage's Z-mail engine.

Ecco Pro 4.0 sells for $139. Current Ecco users can upgrade for $49.