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eBay to offer plastic through MNBA

Online auctioneer eBay said Thursday that it is partnering with MNBA to offer a credit card that rewards customers with Anything Points to be used making purchases via its Web site. eBay will deposit a penny into site users' PayPal accounts for each point earned using the card.

Vendors participating in eBay's Anything Points program, launched in May, will also distribute credits as rewards for purchases, program incentives, or in exchange for points accrued in their own loyalty programs. The points can be used to buy items from any eBay member accepting PayPal, and can also be applied to eBay fees for selling products on the site. Emblazoned with the company's logo, the eBay Anything Points credit card will feature no annual fee and a zero-percent annual rate (APR) for balance transfers made during the first six months.