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E-commerce software courts MS

Inex announces Commerce Court, a catalog and Web storefront management tool, that works with Microsoft Site Server, enterprise edition.

Inex has announced a catalog and Web storefront management tool to work with Microsoft's (MSFT) Site Server, enterprise edition.

The Inex Commerce Court is a client application that takes data from an accounting system or inventory database and turns it into catalog pages for a Web storefront. Inex is targeting sales to Internet service providers, Web hosting companies, banks, and telephone companies that want to run commerce hosting services for small to midsized companies.

Commerce Court works with the enterprise edition of Microsoft's Site Server, which is the successor to Microsoft's first Web storefront software. Commerce Court users can create a Web store, sell products, update inventory, and securely download orders.

"Site Server is an electronic commerce foundation or toolkit, not an end-user application," said Alex Barrotti, Inex chief technology officer. "We've greatly simplified and reduced the time to make a Site Server storefront. With our end-user application, firms can do a storefront in less than an hour."

The enterprise version of Site Server includes server components and management tools that let merchants develop and deploy commerce Web sites, personalize experience of site visitors, and analyze usage patterns.

Commerce Court includes a catalog publisher, a Web store builder, a customer and inventory system, a Windows store manager with a built-in sales order processing system. Storefronts can be outsourced to hosting services or managed locally by the merchant, as long as the host is running Microsoft Site Server, enterprise edition.

Commerce Court works with plug-ins for Microsoft's product from VeriFone for payments, Taxware International for tax calculations, and Portland Software for secure containers for software downloads.

Commerce Court, priced at $5,000 when it ships September 8, is available through Inex resellers or Web hosting services. Users also must purchase Microsoft's Site Server, enterprise edition for $5,000. The software also will be included on a CD distributed to more than 12,000 Microsoft resellers.

Inex also markets Commerce Court 2.3, designed for Web hosting services, which runs on Windows NT and ranges from $995 to $14,995 per store. Inex released the latest version, which does not work with Site Server, last month.