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E-commerce enthusiasm

Visa, AOL, and Microsoft all are working to convince consumers that making purchases online is even easier and safer than a trip to the corner store.

E-commerce goes mainstream as Visa, AOL, and Microsoft heavily promote online shopping to tap into the rapidly growing Internet population. The companies are working to convince consumers that online purchases are easier and safer than a trip to the corner store.

Visa pushing for Net shopping
After watching warily from the sidelines, the credit card giant is trying to convince consumers that using Visa cards to shop online is safe.

AOL builds up shopping sites
Coming on the heels of a robust earnings report yesterday, the online giant signs on 40 merchants to further beef up its shopping services.

Microsoft inks $90 million ad deal
Microsoft signs a $90 million Internet advertising deal with credit card lender First USA.

Visa pushes e-commerce growth
Visa says it made a "significant" equity investment in CyberSource to help fuel e-commerce growth.