DXG promises sub-$200 3D camcorder

Digital camera and camcorder manufacturer DXG says inexpensive 3D video creation is on the way later this year.

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Joshua Goldman

Joshua Goldman/CNET

LAS VEGAS--There's really very little to say about the DXG 3DView camcorder because it doesn't seem to exist yet. At least not in any sort of final form.

Outside the camera and camcorder manufacturer's booth at CES 2010 is a small setup of some 3D images being played back on a special screen. I got the impression that they weren't created with a DXG product--current or future--but simply a demonstration of what 3D looks like. Around the corner from this display, though, is this poster advertising the dual-lens 3DView camcorder. (Why the giant ram's head coming out of the screen, I have no idea.)

The only real information I could get out of them was a basic idea of how it works (it records two streams), how you can view the video in 3D (only on the camera's screen, but I'm guessing there will be a larger playback display available eventually), and availability (later this year, maybe Q2 for the standard-def version, which will sell for around $180 with a slightly pricier HD version will follow).