DSL vendor targets providers

Tut Systems says it has begun customer trials of a digital subscriber line product to let phone companies and ISPs deploy high-speed Net access.

Jeff Pelline Staff Writer, CNET News.com
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Jeff Pelline
Tut Systems said today it has begun customer trials of a product that will let phone companies and Internet service providers deploy high-speed Internet access using DSL (digital subscriber line) technology.

The product, dubbed Expresso GS, How real is DSL? is expected to ship in March. It includes all of the equipment that's needed to provide the service, including the chassis for a central office, plug-in cards, and modems.

Expresso GS is priced starting at $2,500, and it costs an additional $5,000 for equipment to support every six DSL subscribers. Tut contends that it makes one of the lowest-cost systems available for DSL.

The Expresso GS platform will be exhibited at the Comnet trade show in Washington next week. Tut Systems chief executive Sal D'Auria also said the privately held company may be part of next week's anticipated announcement by Microsoft, Intel and Compaq and telephone companies to provide DSL technology. But he did not elaborate.

Also today, Tut announced a marketing initiative called Express.res to provide residential users with access services based on DSL and cable modem technology.

The company has a product called HomeRun that creates a 1.3 Mbps Ethernet-combatible LAN using in-home telephone wiring.