Dropbox spruces up its app for iOS 7

The mobile app has been redesigned to look more similar to the iOS 7 interface, and includes support for AirDrop, as well as boasting faster performance.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Dropbox version 3.0 for the iPad.
Dropbox version 3.0 for the iPad. Dropbox

Dropbox has a new look and new feature-set on iOS 7.

The company on Thursday launched version 3.0 of its mobile application, complete with a new design that mimics the look and feel of Apple's iOS 7. In addition, the application has added iPad functionality that allows for tapping on files and photos to toggle to full-screen mode. Dropbox has also promised that its revamped application will be faster than previous iterations.

In addition to the standard bug fixes that come with new app updates, the redesigned Dropbox features support for Apple's AirDrop. That means users can wirelessly save their files from other devices in the Dropbox running on their iPad or iPhone. Dropbox has also streamlined PDF viewing.

The new Dropbox is available now in Apple's App Store. Like the previous iterations, it's a free download.