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Dropbox for iOS updated with focus on photos

Dropbox refreshes its iPhone app with an improved experience for uploading, storing, and sharing digital photos.


Forget spring cleaning. The winter holidays seem to be inspiring the impulse to tidy, with everyone sprucing up their mobile apps. Dropbox is the latest to release an update.

The cloud storage provider announced that it has revamped its iOS app, and the big focus here is on the photos experience.

Based on the new design and features, it looks like Dropbox is diving deeper into the photo-sharing side of its storage service.

The main addition is a new timeline of photos automatically uploaded from the user's mobile devices. The new viewing abilities look more glamorous on the iPad version of the app as it takes advantage of the larger display real estate for full-screen shots.

It's definitely not quite the same as sharing photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr yet, but it will be interesting to watch where Dropbox is going with all of this. Maybe Dropbox's product designers summed up the evolving strategy best in a blog post on Friday by advertising Dropbox as "a one-stop shop for all your memories."

Other features included in this update are the ability to upload files directly to specific folders as well as a cleaner design with "barely there gradients" and "delicate lines."

The updated version of Dropbox for iOS is available to download for free now.

This story originally appeared on ZDNet under the headline "Dropbox for iOS revamped with focus on photos."