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DOJ studies Microsoft breakup

Microsoft's breakup is being studied by the Justice Department, which has sought advice on the matter from at least two unnamed technology investment banks in recent days.

The Justice Department is looking into different options if the court were to ultimately rule against Microsoft in the landmark antitrust trial.

"We have made preliminary inquires with different experts that might assist us in evaluating a variety of options," said Justice Department spokeswoman Gina Talamona.

The government has contacted at least two unnamed technology investment banks in recent days, according to a report in USA Today.

The Justice Department wanted an analysis on how the breakup of the software giant would affect the market, the report said, citing unnamed executives at the banks.

"No individual or firm has been retained to analyze the market impact of any of the options," said Talamona. She declined to comment on what experts had been contacted and what some of the options were in case the court rules against Microsoft.

The government ended its antitrust trial against Microsoft last month, leaving federal District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson to decide whether the government proved the software giant is an illegal monopolist.