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Desktop integrated with LCD

Toshiba introduces its Equium 100, a space-saving commercial PC with an innovative form factor.

Toshiba today introduced its Equium 100, a space-saving commercial desktop with an innovative form factor.

The Equium 100 features a flat-panel LCD monitor and an integrated chassis, offering corporate customers a stylish option for the front desk or other high-profile areas, according to Toshiba.

In addition to the LCD, the display also Toshiba Equium 100 features a 90-degree swivel capability, which allows users the option of viewing data in "landscape" or "portrait mode." Toshiba is leveraging its expertise in notebook LCDs to the desktop for the first time.

"Hitachi beat them to the market [with the VisionDesk product], and this is their answer to that," said Nathan Nuttal, an analyst at Sherwood Research. "More than that, it's a statement from Toshiba: 'We're taking the desktop space seriously, and we're going to be pretty creative with how we address that market.'"

The Hitachi VisionDesk is another integrated LCD desktop with a 15-inch monitor, which costs around $2,599. The Equium 100, also with 15-inch monitor, starts at $2,999. That configuration includes a 266-MHz Pentium II processor and 64MB of memory. Systems are also available with a 300-MHz processor and up to 4GB hard drive.

The Equium 100 rounds out Toshiba's corporate product line, along with its line of full-sized and ultraportable notebooks and upcoming servers, according to Nuttal. "This rounds out the full product lineup and is a nice addition to the Equium line," he said.

In addition, Toshiba introduced its first branded LCD under the TekBright name. The TekBright 50D, the same flat panel 15-inch LCD monitor featured on the Equium 100, will be available this month for $1,599.