Dell to hire 1,000 workers in Oklahoma

Company is also building a 120,000 square-foot building to supplement its call center operations.

Michael Singer
Michael Singer Staff Writer, CNET News.com

Dell is expanding its customer call center operations in Oklahoma City by adding 1,000 new employees and erecting a new building, the company said Tuesday. Plans call for a new 120,000 square-foot facility, which is scheduled to open by March 31, 2006, the computer maker said. It will be a mirror image of Dell's existing plant on the Oklahoma River.

The additional 1,000 workers will consist mostly of salespeople but will include service technicians and managers. Dell said it needs extra hands on deck to deal with an influx of public-sector and corporate accounts, as well as the need to resolve technical questions regarding servers and storage. The plans represent an increase in its hiring projections; in July 2004, the computer maker had planned to hire between 250 and 500 employees in the area. Four months later, the company increased its employment projection to 700.