Dell server sports dual-core Pentium

Company positions its PowerEdge SC420 with Intel's Pentium D for simple server functions such as e-mail and file serving.

Michael Singer
Michael Singer Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Dell is jumping on the dual-core processor bandwagon with a new server sporting Intel's Pentium D processors, which have been enhanced to power general-purpose servers.

The new Dell PowerEdge SC430 is targeted at small businesses with prices starting at $499. Dell doubled the storage capacity and the number of high-speed data transfer slots in the new servers over the previous PowerEdge SC420 model. The SC430 is designed to run Windows Server 2003, Red Hat or Suse Linux operating systems.

At the heart of the new server, however, is Intel's recently released Pentium D. As previously reported, Intel has modified its mainstream PC chip as a dual-core processor to accommodate servers for simple business functions such as e-mail, file serving and shared Internet access. Dual-core technology combines two computer brains onto one piece of silicon.

The PowerEdge SC430 comes with the option to install serial ATA drives or U320 SCSI drives. Businesses can also choose between two different tape backup units for long-term storage.

The server also comes with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 Service Pack 1 to help businesses transition from a closed network to a client-server environment.

In addition to hardware, Dell is offering a professional-services package starting at $279. The plan includes maintenance tech support, as well as an assessment of a customer's network and suggestions on buying new hardware, maintaining the network and recycling older systems.