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Dell reduces workstation prices

Dell Computer announces price cuts to 13 percent on high-end PC workstations.

Dell Computer (DELL) today announced workstation price cuts up to 13 percent.

Dell's WorkStation 400 line, made for graphics-intensive and CAD (computer-aided-design) applications, uses Microsoft's Windows NT Workstation operating system and Intel Pentium II processors and includes either single or dual 266-MHz and 300-MHz chip configurations.

Prices on the 300 MT model will drop 12.6 percent, to $5,876 from $6,726. The computer features two 300-MHz Pentium II processors, 256MB of memory, a 9GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, a video card, and a 21-inch monitor.

Prices on the 3266 MT model will drop 13 percent, to $4,678 from $5,403. The computer comes with two 266-MHz Pentium II processors, 128MB of memory, a 9GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, a video card, and a 19-inch monitor.

Dell cut prices on single-processor workstations from 3 to 4 percent. The company did not reduce prices on its 333-MHz workstation, introduced only last month.

The direct vendor, which International Data Corporation currently ranks as the No.3 personal workstation provider, credited the price cuts to a drop in component costs.

Dell in the past month has also cut prices on its enterprise servers and corporate PCs, and its competitors in the workstation market have dropped prices as well.