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Dell passes along savings

Dell cites lower component costs as the reason for price cuts on its OptiPlex line of corporate desktop PCs.

Dell (DELL) became the latest manufacturer to cite declining component costs in justifying price cuts for PCs when they announced lower prices on its OptiPlex line of corporate desktop computers.

Some examples of the new lower prices:

--The OptiPlex GXpro 200 with 200-MHz Pentium Pro, 64MB of EDO ECC memory, 2GB SCSI drive, and 8X CD-ROM, which was $5,033, is now $4,242, a reduction of almost 16 percent. This price is slated to be in effect until October 15.

--The OptiPlex GXpro 200 with 32MB memory is now priced at $3,642, down from $4,075, while the GXpro 180 is now priced at $2,718, down from $3,076.

--The OptiPlex GXM 5166 with 166-MHz Pentium, 32MB EDO memory, 2GB hard drive was priced at $2,406 but is now priced at $2,196.

Dell says it is shipping systems with Windows NT 4.0 on all OptiPlex GXpro systems, and will ship NT 4.0 on all other OptiPlex machines in October.

The OptiPlex corporate desktop PCs, with 15-inch monitors and integrated Ethernet card, are the recipients of the fourth price reduction that Dell has made this year.