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Dell offers online buyer security

The direct PC vendor will encrypt all orders and reimburse customers if credit card numbers are pilfered.

Dell has introduced an online shopping security guarantee for its online customers in the U.S.

The direct PC seller calls the Online Secure Shopping Guarantee the first of its kind by an online PC vendor. As more businesses move online, consumers are increasingly looking for assurances that sensitive information being transmitted via the Internet is protected from hackers and thieves.

As part of the program, Dell guarantees to encrypt all personal information, product orders, and credit card data. That is, Dell scrambles the information using encryption technology, so if the wrong person does access the information, it is unreadable.

Additionally, Dell promises to reimburse customers for any instances of credit-card-number theft. Dell will give the buyer $50 if his or her credit card is stolen and used in another purchase, the company said, on top of any reimbursement from the credit card company.

For the highest level of security, Dell also recommends that customers set their browser security settings to the highest level, or finish their Internet order over the phone.

Dell says its Internet sales account for $6 million per day.