DataChannel offers XML tools, services

DataChannel's XML Framework allows firms to build their own information gateways or portals and the links to connect them to other information sources, the company says.

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DataChannel today rolled out its new XML cross-platform tools and services package.

XML Framework allows enterprises to build their own information gateways or portals and links to connect them to other information sources, such as legacy systems, securely, company executives said.

Unlike HTML, which has predefined tags, XML allows developers to define their own tags for data, such as price and product. The technology can integrate data from the client to the back end, and between server systems.

DataChannel's XML Framework is a package consisting of XML training, architectural design, and consulting integration services, as well as developer tools, software--mainly DataChannel's RIO product, an XML-driven database engine, and maintenance and support offerings.

As recently reported, XML is expected to impact businesses two ways: concise searching through the use of tags and more efficient data exchange through XML-based protocols for vertical markets such as finance, publishing, and multimedia.

XML-based protocols will impact business transactions over the Internet, including e-commerce, data warehousing, and application development, according to industry observers.

Businesses are already embracing XML, which was made a standard by the World Wide Web Consortium in February. In 1998, the number of organizations using XML in Web pages or applications climbed from about 1 percent in the second quarter to 16 percent in the third quarter, according to a recent report.

DataChannel has also previously partnered with Microsoft, who plans to make XML Framework part of its strategy for linking Windows to other operating systems.

Pricing for XML Framework varies depending on the contract, a company spokesperson said.