Data warehouses make room for Excel

Business Objects releases the latest version of a tool to tie Excel to corporate data warehouses.

CNET News staff
Business Objects (BOBJY) has released a faster version of a tool that links Microsoft Excel to corporate data warehouses.

BusinessQuery offers Excel 7.0 users access to data warehouses, even users who don't know how to query a database. The new version features a "set query" method that lets a user analyze relational database information, for example, figuring out how many customers also buy disk drives and mouse pads at the same time they purchase floppy disks.

Version 4.0 includes performance enhancements to speed query results, improved accuracy, and short cuts built into the software to further cut down response time.

This version runs with Excel 7.0, the version that ships in Office 95. The company won't add support for the latest version of Excel, Excel 97, until the second half of this year.

BusinessQuery 4.0 is available now for $350 as a standalone product and $150 when purchased with the analytical processing BusinessObjects tool. BusinessQuery 4.0 is available for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT.