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Data General squeezes server size

The company's powerful new server, a mere 5.25 inches high, lets customers cram more of them onto racks than competing products.

Data General has been working to squeeze more servers into a tighter space, and on Monday will announce a rack-mountable four-Xeon server only 5.25 inches tall.

The system allows you to cram more servers into one rack than competing products from Hewlett-Packard, which offer four-processor systems that take up almost twice the space, said Lisa Robinson Schoeller, product managing director for Aviion servers at Data General. Dell is the only other company with a system the same height as Data General's new 3704R, but it doesn't have the room expansion of Data General's product, she said.

The servers are in response to demand from customers who want to use Windows NT. Those customers have been looking for multiple-server systems, with each server handling a single task, Schoeller said.

The servers, which are particularly popular in hospitals, are used to run software from Meditech, Oracle, Baan, SAP, Microsoft, and others.

The servers will begin shipping February 8 and have a base price of $7,500 for a single-processor system with 128MB of memory.

The chief design hurdle for high-density servers is getting rid of all the heat the equipment generates. But a back-to-back fan system means the server doesn't have any problems with overheating, Schoeller said.