Daily Debrief: Apple's iPhone apps sell, 3G network flails

CNET News' Kara Tsuboi and Tom Krazit discuss the mixed bag of company news since the debut of Apple's iPhone 3G release on July 11.

Kara Tsuboi Reporter
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Kara Tsuboi

It's been a month of mixed reviews for Apple's iPhone 3G. One on hand, millions of users have clearly given the Apps Store a vote of approval by downloading 60 million applications to their phones in the first month. Even though many of them are free, Apple CEO Steve Jobs tells The Wall Street Journal that translates into roughly $30 million in sales, or 1 million bucks per day.

The bad news for Apple is the constant stream of complaints coming in about the phones' 3G connectivity. In Monday's edition of the Daily Debrief, I sit down with CNET News reporter Tom Krazit to discuss the grief he's heard over dropped calls, flaky network signals, and unreliability of service. Tom says this is the most feedback he's ever gotten about an Apple product flaw. Of course, AT&T points its finger at Apple and Apple point it right back at AT&T. Regardless, it adds up to one big consumer service snafu, on the heels of MobileMe's glitches. Apple execs will likely be happy to put the summer behind them.